Professional Eyebrow Correction in Nairobi

eyebrow correction in nairobi


Fixing Permanent Eyebrows Correctly!

Permanent Eyebrow Correction in Nairobi

After much demand, we have developed an advanced eyebrow correction in Nairobi, Kenya to fix botched eyebrows. We remove, repair, correct, and redo most past brows as well as other past permanent makeup procedures that were done in a traditional permanent makeup method, previous permanent eyebrow procedures, or simply lack of skill of the technician.

Permanent Eyebrow Correction in Nairobi – Color

If the shape is desirable but the color has faded into a blue, or green. purple or red hue we use a technique that “covers” the old color. Corrective color is first tattooed over the faded permanent makeup to neutralize it. And then right after in the same session, we can give you beautiful new natural eyebrows. The improvement is immediate!

At Thrive Aesthetics, this is unlikely going to happen again as we use pigments vs. ink. Pigments will hold the integrity of the true color.The color theory applies to all forms of artwork whether it is on the walls, in a painting, in your hair, or on your face. Remember color does not cover color. If you wanted to paint a red wall white you must first put a primer on the wall otherwise the red color will push through eventually and you will not get the true color you desire. A corrective color acts as a primer.


Permanent Eyebrow Correction in Nairobi – Shape

Shape mishaps can happen when a technician is poorly trained, lacks artistic ability, or does not yet have enough experience in the field. Shape corrections can range. Sometimes the shape is not “terrible” but would look much better with a few changes. In this case, we would be able to provide additional tattooing to improve the symmetry, shape, or balance of the eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips. If additional pigmentation does not fix the problem pigments or inks may have to be removed first through laser.


Permanent Eyebrow Correction in Nairobi –  Makeup

You may have eyebrows that are completely solid, too dark in color, too big, or the wrong placement of color. In this case, the majority of the color has to be first removed by means of laser tattoo removal. With this technique, we first remove the old color or at least lighten it to a shade that is manageable. After the initial treatment clients must wait at least four weeks so the color has time to rise to the surface of the skin.

After four weeks, we re-evaluate the area to determine if another removal session is necessary before we can apply a new pigment. In a lot of cases, removal and color correction are needed before new pigment can be applied. The process requires multiple visits and a six-month commitment, but you will find it well worth the wait.


How Much Does Eyebrow Correction in Nairobi Kenya Cost ?

The cost of eyebrow correction around Nairobi is Kshs 44,000 or $440. However, the exact price may vary depending on factors such as the reputation of the esthetician and the location of the clinic. Thrive Aesthetics and Brow Revamp offer competitive pricing for top-quality eyebrow correction services, ensuring exceptional results and client satisfaction.


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