Ombre Plus Headstrokes in Nairobi

ombre plus headstrokes in nairobi


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What are Ombre Powder Plus Headstrokes Brows?

If you’re looking for style, our ombre plus headstrokes in Nairobi are the perfect choice for your brows. The brows are a form of permanent makeup, where both the Microblading and powder/microshading technique are combined. However unlike the combo brows, the microbladed strokes are only done at the front of the brow. The procedure involves the artist preforming a complete ombre powder result then adding a few microbladed strokes at the fronts of both brows.


How To Prepare For Your Ombre Plus Headstrokes in Nairobi

If you have an ideal shape or color in mind, bring those reference photos with you to your appointment. You may also fill in your eyebrows as you normally would to share your desired outcome. If you regularly get your eyebrows waxed or threaded, please do so 72 hours before your service.

We ask clients to avoid any blood thinning medications for a minimum of 72 hours prior to appointment. This includes Vitamin E, Aspirin, Niacin, fish oil supplements, Advil, Ibuprofen. Tylenol is okay.
  • No working out the day of your appointment.
  • No Alcohol drinks 24-48 hours prior to your service.
  • No caffeine 24 hours prior to your service.
  • No Botox, fillers, chemical peel facials within 4 weeks
It is highly advised that you avoid sun and tanning bed exposure for 30 days before and after your treatment. If you show up for your appointment with a recent tan or sunburn, you will be asked to reschedule resulting in loss of deposit. Excessive sun exposure before and/or after your treatment may cause the eyebrows to fade into a lighter ashy hue.


What Are The Side Effects of Ombre Plus Headstrokes in Nairobi?

Immediately following the appointment, the pigmented area will appear to be dark, slightly bold in color and more sharply defined. Do not apply any cosmetics in this area for 7-10 days. If your skin starts to feel tight/dry around day 3-4, you may use a small amount of aftercare ointment provided to you. Oily skin clients are asked to blot the eyebrow area every 2-3 hours with blotting paper until fully healed. Please be sure to follow all aftercare instructions provided to you.

During the healing period, there should be minimal flaking of the skin. If there is some flaking, please do not pick, pull or rub. Allow the flakes to come off on their own. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

IMPORTANT: Once the flakes have fallen off, a shiny layer of healing skin will completely cover the hair strokes. It may appear as though the tattooed area has completely disappeared or lightened. Within 1-2 weeks, the hair strokes will slowly reappear at a lighter shade as your skin regenerates.

The complete healing process takes approximately 6 weeks, at which time the true color of the tattoo is evident. During this process, your tattoo will soften/lighten. Be patient, even if you think too much color has been lost. Keep in mind that the skin regenerates between 18-45 days, your skin will need time to fully heal. Be sure to follow up with your 6-8 week touch up.


What is The Recovery Period ?

The surface symptoms of the nano brows healing process should subside within 10 – 14 days. However, the internal healing takes a few more weeks to heal (4-5 weeks).



What’s The Price of Ombre Plus Headstrokes in Nairobi?

The cost of ombre plus headstrokes in Nairobi is Kshs 44,000 or $440. However, the exact price may vary depending on factors such as the reputation of the esthetician and the location of the clinic. Thrive Aesthetics offers competitive pricing for top-quality ombre plus headstrokes in Nairobi ensuring exceptional results which lasts for 3 years and client satisfaction.


  • Do not apply any makeup on the tattooed area for 2 weeks. Cosmetics of any kind will interfere with the healing and color of your eyebrows.
  • Avoid heavy sweating, gym and working out for 7-10 days following your procedure.
  • No swimming pools, Jacuzzi or other bodies of water for 2 weeks.
  • Do not tint, bleach, dye, or preform a brow lamination for 4 weeks following your procedure.
  • Do not use oils, Vaseline, Neosporin, or other petroleum based products during the healing process.
  • Do not apply any anti-acne products (e.g. Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Proactiv, etc.) or lightening creams, such as hydroquinone to the treated area while healing.
  • You may continue your regular skincare routine after 30 days. This includes Botox, fillers, and facial treatments.
  • If you are having laser resurfacing or laser hair removal after your tattoo has healed, please inform the laser technician. Laser procedures may darken, lighten, or discolor the tattooed area (continue at your own discretion).


Any type of semi-permanent or permanent makeup is NOT recommended for any clients who are or have:

  • People with glaucoma and those who are taking blood thinning medicines (e.g., aspirin)
  • Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
  • Diabetic (consult your doctor)
  • Keloid disorder
  • Viral infections and/or diseases
  • Pacemaker or major heart problems
  • Organ transplant
  • Epilepsy
  • Skin irritations or psoriasis/eczema near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc)
  • Botox within the past 4 weeks
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Those with allergies to makeup, colors or hair dye
  • Those with easily triggered post inflammatory hyper pigmentation are not good candidates
  • Those with transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis
  • Are a hemophiliac
  • Have healing disorders, on blood thinners, uncontrolled high blood pressure or had mitral valve Disorder.
  • Those on any skin medication such as r-accutaine, steroids which thin and oversensitive the skin.
  • AHA’s (lactic, glycolic, citric, retinoic and tartaric acids) or any OTC creams and lotions for tone correcting, anti-aging, exfoliating, fading can discolor your permanent makeup.
  • Coumadin: Amount of bleeding and response to topical epinephrine will determine coverage per appointment. If excessive bleeding occurs, extra appointments may be necessary for desired outcome or procedure may not be effective.
  • Cancers/Chemotherapy: Doctor’s clearance may be necessary.
  • Juvederm or other “fillers”: in a past 4 weeks.
  • Shingles (varicella): If you have shingles on your face, wait several months to get permanent makeup.
  • Eye-lift or blepharoplasty: Wait about 3 months.
  • Pinkeye: As soon as their infection has cleared, medication completed.


Experience the art of ombre plus headstrokes in Nairobi at Thrive Aesthetics or Brow Revamp. Our skilled eyebrow artists create natural-looking, beautifully enhanced permanent eyebrows that perfectly complement your features. Discover the benefits of ombre plus headstrokes, our affordable pricing, and our personalized aftercare guidance whenever you’re in Nairobi. Book your session today and unlock a confident, stunning new look!

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