Placenta Stem Cell Therapy

Get the placenta stem cell therapy in Nairobi from Thrive Aesthetics

Placenta Stem Cell Therapy



The Secret to Looking Young

Placenta Stem Cell therapy highly contributes to the restoration of overall health and repairing the damaging effects of aging. As the wear and tear of the body increases, the following symptoms start showing; fatigue, slow recovery, and many epidermal problems (wrinkles, dull skin, and under-eye bags).


At Thrive Aesthetics, our placenta (stem cell) infusions provide a stimulating effect on the cell renewal of the epidermis and entire body, offering impressive anti-aging results. The placenta therapy is gaining huge popularity in the health and beauty industry. Celebrities like the Kardashians have consumed their placentas after birth in search of eternal youth and a faster recovery. The treatment can repair and regenerate damaged tissue caused by aging or trauma. Thus, promoting the growth of new skin cells, blood vessels, and nerves.


The benefits also extend well beyond aesthetics, preventing and regulating health problems associated with aging such as high blood pressure, arthritis, menopause, and much more. It has even been used in alternative medicine to treat sickle cell patients, given its regenerative properties. Our Placenta (stem cell) infusions are infused directly into the bloodstream via intramuscular therapy, making it a great alternative to the surprising trend of eating raw placenta.


Combined with collagen, amino acids, and Epidermal Growth Factor, our Placenta (stem cell) infusion is the ultimate anti-aging solution as these powerful ingredients all contribute to your skin’s health by eliminating acne, pigmentation, and dry skin. Above all, implementing our Placenta (stem cell) infusion into your beauty regime will keep you looking and feeling younger, both inside and out.



  • The therapy will eliminate signs of aging including wrinkles, under-eye bags, and regulate hormonal imbalance
  • Placenta Stem cell therapy improves and speeds recovery after childbirth, surgery, or trauma
  • Stem cell therapy will stimulate tissue regeneration and prevent risk of depression and fatigue
  • The therapy promotes the formation of new cells, blood vessels, and nerves which improves your physical fatigue
  • Placenta stem cell therapy repairs damaged skin cells and tissues caused by aging or trauma
  • It Reduces the risk of age-related health issues including high blood pressure, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and much more
  • Stem cell therapy includes collagen, which keeps skin moisturized and produces retina.
  • The therapy can reduce symptoms associated with menopause and is beneficial to women over forty


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