Skin Tag Removal in Nairobi

skin tag removal in nairobi


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Skin tags removal in Nairobi can be a daunting and expensive task. That’s why, Thrive Aesthetics, offers the best solution to help you remove skin tags in Nairobi-Kenya at the most affordable rate! Skin tags are soft growths on the skin that are usually benign, or non-cancerous. About 50-60% of people will develop at least one in their lifetime. While a skin tag is not usually a cause for concern, you may find them distracting or irritating and want it removed. There are several ways to have a skin tag safely removed by a healthcare provider especially around Nairobi.


What is a Skin Tag?

Skin tags are small growths of tissue that often develop in areas where skin folds or overlaps, such as in the neck, underarms, or groin. These tags can be the same color as your skin, darker than your skin, or red. Skin tags can be egg-shaped. They are typically quite small, ranging in size between 1-5mm. In rare cases, they can grow to reach 1-2cm.

Skin tags tend to occur most often in adults 40 years or older. People who have diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, or a family history of skin tags are also more likely to develop skin tags.

There are several reasons why a skin tag may develop. Frequent irritation of the skin, a rise in hormone levels, and natural aging can all play a part in the development of the small growths.


When Should Skin Tags Be Removed?

Skin tags are typically benign and painless and often do not need to be removed. However, some people find that they don’t like the appearance of skin tags or they may find them annoying. A skin tag may become caught on jewelry or clothing. In some cases, skin tags that sit in places that rub against clothing can become itchy or start to bleed from the constant friction. Over time, this could lead to pain or possibly an infection.


Different Methods For Skin Tag Removal in Nairobi, Kenya

The safest and most effective way to remove a skin tag is to have a healthcare provider do it. There are several and safer methods Thrive Aesthetic employs in its quest for skin tag removal in Nairobi. They include:

  • Surgical removal: Before this minor surgery, your healthcare provider will disinfect and likely numb the area. They will then cut the skin tag off at its base and apply pressure to stop any bleeding.
  • Cauterization: Cauterization destroys tissue by applying heat, cold, or a chemical solution. By destroying the tissue, the skin tag dissolves and disappears.
  • Laser therapyLasers create energy from light which can then be focused on the skin tag to perform a very precise cut for removal.
  • CryosurgeryExtreme cold can be used to freeze the tissue of the skin tag, causing it to die off and eventually disappear.


How Much Does it Cost To Remove Skin Tags in Nairobi?

At Thrive Aesthetics, which is located in Nairobi, the cost will ultimately depend on the size/number of tags of the affected area. However, for starters, the price for skin tag removal in Nairobi starts at Kshs 3,500/$35.


Our clinic is highly ranked as the best cosmetology clinics when it comes to skin tag removal in Nairobi, Kenya. We are perfectionists and very experienced, having received international reviews praising our technique in completely eradicating skin tags. We treat every treatment as a unique artwork. It is passion, skill and experience that produces the best results every time we work on our clients.

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